An amazing fun and instructive day. Good instruction followed by lots of doing and getting our hands dirty! Mark made it great for adults and kids alike. Best day out we've had in ages

Susan & William Moretta Linkwood, Rushbrooke June 6, 2018

A group of 4 of us attended an overnight survival training session with Mark last weekend. We were a little apprehensive and unsure that we would be able to complete all the tasks set. However, we should not have doubted ourselves as Mark was such a great teacher. He explained each task fully, offering advice and guidance if needed. We were all totally amazed that we were able to skin &prepare rabbit - mackeral and pigeon then enjoy the fab meal produced. Shelter building was great fun and fire lighting techniques were amazing. Both Mark and Darren could not have made this experience any more enjoyable and we have another date booked for August. We would recommend this adventure to absolutely everyone....more people should understand life without gadgets....sit by an open fire and sleep under the stars!

The Blossom Charity Survival Challenge Linkwood, Rushbrook July 12, 2018

As an Army Veteran diagnosed with PTSD I attended the Help for Heroes Natural Survivor experience in July at Tedworth House for veterans with physical and mental disabilities. Even though I had some prior experience of field craft I did not know what to expect. From the very beginning Mark and his team made everyone feel very welcome and at ease.
We started the three day course by going over what to expect and the obligatory safety briefs then soon started on the business side of building our shelters which were to be our home over the duration of the course. Everyone mucked in and had a great time. We prepared all our own meals around the camp fire from scratch and I have to say the food was top notch. It was great to make our own damper bread, clean and prep our trout, rabbit etc as well as foraging what plants we found locally.
Through the day and early evening we enjoyed lessons on making our own natural cordage out of nettles, carving/cutting techniques, tracking, navigation, water purification which were delivered in relaxed and easy to understand lessons. Mark is a true leader and helped me reconnect with my natural habitat after being shut inside myself for so long. To say this has helped me in my recovery with PTSD is an understatement and I would recommend to anyone to experience what Natural Survivor has to offer.
As Mark is always keen to say… “The adventure awaits you”.

Andy Stephenson Linkwood, Rushbrook July 18, 2018

A fantastic course delivered by Mark, who is highly skilled and knowledgeable and is able to pass on his passion with ease, even if you're not the outdoors type. With a natural manner that made me feel at ease in trying new things and I found it easy to ask for help when I found something difficult, which is something I would normally struggle to do.
The course was through Help for Heroes for WIS (wounded, injured or sick) personnel and veterans so don't let your medical limitations put you off. Mark can adapt and work with you to come up with alternatives so just drop him a message or call to find out more - or go straight ahead and book now!
I cannot recommend the course highly enough, thanks!  Get back to nature

Melanie Janes Tedworth House July 22, 2018

I love what your doing and hosting skills. Had the time of my life doing something at 40 that I've wanted to do since I was in my teens, learning game prep for me is an essential life skill that I've finally had training on. I feel in that respect the course has brought me closer to the life I am slowly building for myself to support my wellbeing. I particularly appreciated the comments on honouring the animal for the life it's given for us. More than anything I found emence pleasure from the evening fires - good company, good food, 5 * environment for inner peace and happiness.

Starr Tedworth House July 22, 2018

Just completed the weekend survival course and I can honestly say that it was a blast. Our course leader was both fun and educational, covering everything from water purification to game preparation. The location was perfect, it had all the resources we needed and was also very peaceful. I've come away having learnt lots of new skills.
I would recommend this course to anyone
Thanks Mark

Arthur Leaf October 13, 2018

I very much enjoyed my time on the Bushcraft and Wilderness living course - Mark's information and structure to the course was brilliant and very well organised. Their was never a point where I felt disinterested in any of the activities that we did and the way Mark relayed the information to us was gripping and professional. Darren (Gumbo) was also a key part of the course and found his behind the scenes work to have been brilliant and was a key part to the courses success. I would highly recommend this course to people of all ages and all experience levels, you will take a whole manor of knowledge away from it and your soul will feel cleansed from being surrounded by the peaceful woodland. Thank you Mark for a fantastic weekend.

Ed Nuttall October 13, 2018

My wife and I, along with our 9 and 11 year old daughters recently spent a day and night in the woods with Mark. We had a great time, Mark has clearly got a great depth of knowledge and is able to get that across in a way children can understand.
Building shelters was fun and kept us warm both making them and through the night. Our children gutted and filleted a fish, prepared a pigeon with their bare hands as well as spoon carving.
I would definitely recommend a course with Mark as it was quality family time together doing things we wouldn't usually do. The children and us left happy having had a mini adventure, learning some new skills and creating some great memories. Thanks Mark.

Stephen Frankland October 14, 2018

Me and my daughter have just had one of the most fantastic father daughter days possible. We spent the day on the SPOON CARVING AND WOODLAND COOKING course. Mark and Gumbo made us feel welcome right from the start.
We found the whole day very enjoyable and informative, we both picked up lots of different skills that you don't normally get the chance to do. The day was on the cold side but that didn't matter, we all kept warm around the campfire, where all the food was prepped and cooked, as well as the all important hot cups of tea.
The food we cooked was absolutely delicious and very filling, it really helped to warm us though. We had beef stew and freshly fire baked bread with it. We were shown how to handle the knives and axes, we also went over the correct way to cut and carve the wood, we were soon into our spoon carving whilst dinner was cooking on the fire. Bliss.
Both me and my daughter really had a brilliant time. So much so that we have just ordered up some carving knives so we can carry on trying to perfect our carving/whittling skills.
A huge thank you to both Mark and Gumbo for what has to be one of the best days out ever!

Don & Becky October 28, 2018

We had an excellent day on this course. A friendly, knowledgeable instructor who understands that no one wants to be hungry when out in the woods. Time flew by in the relaxing environment, expert tuition and great food too. Thanks Mark.

Ben and Jeff Wall Linkwood, Rushbrook February 20, 2019